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The Hotel Vikas Awards assessment process is thorough. Every single nominated hotel is carefully analyzed. We check online reviews, guest experiences, industry reputation and variety of other sources to make assessment about the particular Hotel.

Where relevant, we ask for facts and figures as supporting material for nominations. We also carry out our own research and benchmarking. We receive industry intelligence and check out all the main feedback / review websites for trends.

Vitally, our team have a wide range of skills (from software to design to hotel management to marketing) and we are able to be comparative – for example, if two hotels are contenders for the same award, then the same reviewer can analyze them on various parameters and discuss each with the chairman of the awards.

Awards Committee members also have their specialist knowledge and each member has the right, without question, to veto a nominee or proposed winner from their area of expertise. They can also, of course, nominate and guide the team in selecting final winners. Committee members can see the full list of finalists and proposed winners.

It is a thorough, up-to-the-minute and comprehensive system based on expert, critic, comparative and consumer input. It is designed to encourage and recognize the best in global hospitality in all departments of the hotel industry.

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